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I need parts for my Power Wheels vehicle

  Customer wrote

Looking for Purple wheels for Barbie Jammin Jeep. Would you have part #?

Because of the large amount of Barbie Jeeps that Power Wheels has produced I will need the model number to find out what wheels you will need. The model number can usually be located inside the battery compartment, you simply remove the battery and then inside the vehicle you should be able to see a label with the Model information. You will only need the first 5 digits of this model number.

Once you get the model number you can either contact me back, or look for it on our model number list on the website (http://www.mendingshed.com/pwdiagrams2.html)

If you go through the diagram list, find your model number and click on the link to it, you then should be linked with a Parts by Vehicle list that will show you all of the parts available for your particular Barbie Jeep.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you.