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6 Qt KitchenAid Mixer - The planetary is spinning but nothing is happening

  Customer wrote

Let me describe briefly the problem I'm having--quite a while ago I was trying to knead bread dough and increased the speed beyond it's limits--the result is while I can get the planetary to spin --the minute I try to mix anything-the action stands-with a clicking noise--

My Kitchenaid 6Qt. Stand Mixer is white and I'm wanting to get it working again--does this sound like the worm gear is stripped to you?? 

I know there's a website which shows detailed instructions on how to fix this and other problems-to save money by bypassing a repair service!! please respond A.S.A.P. with your diagnosis!

Many thanks.
Oct 4 (6 days ago)
When the planetary on the mixer will not spin with any sort of load in the bowl, and makes a clicking sound it is a gear problem. There are several gears inside the mixer that could have stripped, the most common we see go bad is the worm follower gear (9706529) http://www.mendingshed.com/wormfollower.html. 

You will want to take the mixer apart, remove all gears, clean them with a benign solvent like WD-40, and then inspect each gear. Any gear showing signs of galling, nicks, cracks or noticeable wear should be replaced.

We have a copy of the KitchenAid service manual for the 6 quart mixer on our website, here is a link to that:
The service manual will cover everything you will need to know to repair your mixer, including a list of tools you will need, how to dis-assemble, inspect and reassemble all the parts included in the Drive Train. 

There is also a troubleshooting guide on the very last page of the service manual that is extremely helpful. Also, here is a link to the parts list for your 6 Quart mixer:
Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you.