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My KitchenAid Mixer is leaking oil


I have a 5 quart Kitchen Aid mixer (Model Number KP50PSWW )
I had to turn it side ways to clean up a mess. About half teaspoon oil run out of the bottom end In the area of where the gizmoe turns.
Is this normal for oil to run out?
Will i have to add more oil? Looks like it would have to be taken apart to add more oil and what kind of oil is it? Would it be alright to run it with the little oil lost? 

thank you for any information

The oil is not suppose to run out of the mixer. Inside the mixer there is a benelene 930-2 grease, it is a very thick grease and over time can break down into oil, and leak out of the planetary/drip ring area. 
You will need to take apart the mixer, replace all of the grease, and replace the gearcase gasket.

Gearbox grease can be found here: http://www.mendingshed.com/kagrease.html