Toy Story Battery Charger

I'm looking for a toy story charger,the battery is by Neata NT6-5.0. Its a black battery with blue trimmed case and has white plug that's half round. It goes to a blue toy story car.
It definitely isn't a Power Wheels. But if you give me a moment I will try and find a charger for the vehicle. Does the car have a special name? Like toy story tot rod? Or lil quad anything on it or do the stickers say anything?
Does the vehicle have a lime green steering wheel, a large fin/spoiler on the back, and it would be blue with green stickers?
Toy Story Space Ranger Light Goodyear. On another sticker it has Motion Trendz

Perfect. Motion Trendz is the manufacturer.
Give me just a moment

If that is the vehicle, here is a link to the parts page on Motion Trendz website

Right underneath the picture of the vehicle it shows the battery and charger. You will have to go through them to get the charger, since we are a Power Wheels service center we can only carry Power Wheels parts.
ok I will try that then thanks
Customer comment:
Thanks for your help.