Victorio Strainer Model 200 - Squirt Guard and Rubber Gasket


I have a Victorio Strainer Model 200-B with a Squirt Guard model 200-23.

I need a new rubber seal gasket for the Squirt Guard and a rubber seal gasket for the strainer screen. The original gaskets are different from each other. Do you have them available and what is the cost?

Also does the new style Squirt Guard fit the strainer model that I have?

The rubber gasket that goes around the strainer screen, usually referred to as the strainer gasket, or washer/flat is available, and would be part number 1951-14. Here is a link to that gasket:

The squirt guard gasket however is not available, this was known as the raised edge gasket. This gasket was eliminated with the new style squirt guard that covers the screen from the body all the way to the end. The new style Squirt Guard will fit your strainer, and eliminate the need for the additional gasket.

Here is a link to the squirt guard:

Please let me know if you have any other questions.